Reclamation Art + Furniture is led by artisan furniture maker-designer Steve Tiller. We are a California-based boutique makers studio dedicated to working with a unique combination of reclaimed, urban harvest and new materials.


established 2011


Our belief is that simple clean design can produce beautiful, lasting, handmade objects for your environment. Our hope is that these pieces remain in your care for generations to come. 

We favor locally harvested woods, along with salvaged lumber, brass, blackened industrial steel and glass as our chosen mediums. Working to create simple modern lines in harmony with the existing organic character of the components, old paint, holes, flaws, and markings tell the story of the past and find new purpose in original one-of-a-kind objects. This utilization of time tempered stock produces elegant, natural, richly textured finishes that draw you into these pieces. Our work brings together the old and new, the raw and refined, to provide a unique experience for the user.

The modern pieces created here, are not only beautiful functional works of art, but also embody responsible design through salvage and reuse. In this way, every piece can connect us to the past... and the future.


Get started by reading our notes below on pricing, the design process and our current schedule. You can use the HIRE US section to share more information about your ideas and project scope. Please include as much information about your project as possible. Links to inspiration images are a great start. They help to better facilitate the design process and budget requirements. 



Great, lasting work, takes time. Please keep this in mind when planning a new project. We are currently scheduling and accepting new commissions for Summer/Fall 2019 delivery.   



Our ready to purchase items and in-house bespoke designs will be availiable in our Shop. 
Custom work (unique, original pieces) are priced on a time, materials & design basis. We will provide a very well thought-out proposal of the costs associated to craft and engineer your individual piece.

For One-off's, prototyping and incidentals our shop rate is $120 per hour. 



Exchange of ideas

Basic concept illustration and approval of design direction

Establish a budget

Proposal/Contract and deposit

Detailed shop drawings and revisions 


As the client, when requesting a new untested design, please understand that the process is an artistic one. It is possible that certain details may arise which have not been accounted for in the concept phase. Slight design and engineering adjustments may need to be made throughout the process. Our mission is to properly accomplish a piece that is artistically beautiful and structurally sound. Your understanding of our need for an artist's liberty is necessary in the shaping of natural materials and the making of one-of-a-kind original work.



Local orders ( Sacramento CA and the surrounding area ) will be hand delivered. As for the continental US and International deliveries we have many options when it comes to shipping. Each piece will be addressed by its size, weight, and crating needs on an individual basis and will vary by destination.